Welcome to the new location.

If you have followed me from the Wordpress site, I appreciate you being here for my move to Blogger.  I'm not a professional blogger by any stretch and thus I find that blogger is the easier forum for sharing my hopes, experiences, and musings.     If you haven't followed me over from Wordpress, but have found me here via the Blogger platform, welcome!  

I am a father, husband, and regular dude who is facing the regular problems that parents face in 2018.   I will use this site to share with you some of what I experience in hopes of learning from you, and sharing with you so that you might learn from my shortcomings.  

Driving to Spain, you ask?  Why the name?    Since I live in Central Virginia in the United States it will be exceedingly difficult for me to ever carry out the blog title :)  The name comes from this...

My daughter recently finished her Freshman year of college (and dad brag---did quite well and made the old man proud).   She is minoring in Spanish and has chosen to study abroad at the close of her Sophomore year.  Opal would like to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

If you are a parent and are saving for college, I applaud you.  My wife and I saved as we could (and I'm sure we could have done better).   If I can pass on any wisdom it would be to be even more committed to saving than you think is necessary.  College costs increase year after year and then things will come about that you hadn't foreseen.....like studying abroad.   In order to meet the gap between savings and the cost of the opportunity to study abroad, I have decided to drive via the Uber platform to boost savings and hopefully help my daughter realize her dream to spend a semester in Barcelona.   Lord knows I would have never had the nerve to do it when I was her age so I take great pride in her spirit of adventure and her desire to immerse herself in a new culture.      Thus, the blog and the name, Driving2Spain was born.  It is here that I will share with you my experiences of rideshare driving while saving for Barcelona....it is here I will recount driving to Spain.

I hope to share practical tips that might help other parents as they plan for college.  I will also share tips picked up from my driving experience in hopes of providing insight to others considering driving as side gig....how to make it enjoyable for you and your rider, and how to make it profitable.  I will share experiences with you, sites and sounds, challenges, victories, and defeats.   Join me for the ride to Spain.  I want the ride to be one where we talk along the way, so please comment, share, advise, confess, and laugh as we go.   Thanks for jumping in, and enjoy the ride.