The Dog Days of Winter.

What a week!   My part-time driving for Lyft has come full circle.  My full-time job involves working for the government and has been impacted by the #shutdown.  However, my job is labeled essential, thus I am working, but not getting paid.  That has the dual impact of throwing your budget out of whack while leaving little time to find a part-time job to make up the difference.   So, while Lyft has been used previously to pay for a study abroad and had been geared toward a 2019 summer vacation, it has now become a lifeline.

Awkwardly, not only was I deemed essential, but I was required to travel to DC for my job this week.  It was really strange to be in DC in the midst of the government shutdown.    Streets I had previously walked that was the equivalent of a human "Frogger" game, were largely empty. 
Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC

I walked down 10th Street, from K to Pennsylvania, without stopping for a "walk" light.  That had never happened.  I had lunch and didn't have to fight for a seat.  Another first.  And while it was nice to be in the City while it was quiet, there was no denying the impact of the shutdown on local businesses in downtown.

So as the weekend approached, I gassed up "The Dude" (nickname for my Honda Accord) and got my snack boxed filled and ready to drive.    I started to the morning at 6:00 a.m., taking a fellow to his job.  This particular pax and I have gotten to know each other because he is close to my starting point, and needs to roll at about the time I wish to start my day.    It's nice to have a regular.

I wanted to drive early and wrap up, as we have a winter storm incoming later this afternoon that looks like it will wreak havoc on the area so I think it might be a "one-day of driving" weekend.    Luckily, I stayed steadily busy through about 11 a.m.   And as icing on the cake, my final ride was from PetSmart, into the city.   I picked up a lady who had her two small doges....Chiuaua mixes...named Misty and Dusty Roads :)    She tried to sell me that they were service dogs, and while I wasn't buying it, I assured her I was a dog lover and was happy to take the three of them home.   

Dusty was a little suspicious of me for the first few minutes but quickly became a pal before the 12-mile ride was complete.   Honestly, it made my morning and helped to relieve the stress of shutdown survival to give these little ones a ride home.   I have found these type instances to be a fringe benefit of rideshare driving.  

I hope you all had a great week.    Drop a note to let me know how your rideshare efforts are going.