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Mindfulness: Am I a nut (Almond Meditation)?

A few weeks ago, I let the Twitter world know that I was going to give this idea of "mindfulness" a shot as I struggled with racing thoughts, and an inability to focus.  I tweeted that my mind went crazy while just trying to meditate silently for two minutes.   I couldn't overcome thinking that my Sonicare toothbrush runs for two minutes, and that seems like forever so my two-minute meditation timer must not have been working.  Honestly, I kept going in circles and coming back to my toothbrush.  After what seemed like twenty minutes, I put up the white flag.    I had been trying for a grand total of one minute and 37 seconds.   Sad, right?  But that brief post was a gamechanger.   My great community of friends on Twitter gave me some solid nuggets of wisdom, with the top piece of advice being to try guided meditations rather than silent meditation.

Enter "Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World," by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.